Inside The Gallery


October 18, 2021

The Artistic director and CEO of Shepparton Art Museum (SAM), Dr Rebecca Coates talks about the history of the SAM collection, the impact on the local area, the upcoming exhibition schedule and the story behind the design and construction of the gallery itself.

SAM's new home is an outstanding example of exciting, best-practice contemporary museum architecture - a five-storey building housing the Museum, Visitor Centre, and the Kaiela Art Gallery and Studio, perhaps the only example of a local Aboriginal arts centre sharing the same building and new arts and cultural space with an art museum.  

The 5,300m2 building also houses a café and event space, with a roof top viewing deck. 

A transcript of this edition is available for download HERE. The transcriptions are made possible by the support from Pixel Perfect Prolab - The photolab for professionals. 

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