Inside The Gallery


January 13, 2019

You can submit your own events and interviews for inclusion in any upcoming editions of Inside The Gallery. Remember that due to the longevity of podcasts, any event should have a run of a significant duration, or be submitted with plenty of lead time.

Email the producer directly, to request an interview. Most interviews are conducted via Skype (audio only). Please have Skype installed on your smartphone. It works really well! Interviews can also be undertaken via WhatsApp or Messenger. Otherwise, regular phone interviews are possible.

If you wish to conduct your own interviews for inclusion, recording on your smartphone with an appropriate app is fine, but please note that content may be rejected due to poor technical quality, or edited in the interest of time (10 mins is a really good duration). Any content submitted will be assumed to be cleared for inclusion, although no further rights over the content will be assumed (such as 'exclusivity' for example).

Please use a file transfer service (such as wetransfer) to forward the audio file/s.


Tim Stackpool (producer/presenter)
[email protected]