Inside The Gallery

Inside The Gallery (Australia): Season 2 - Episode 7

July 27, 2020

The tearing down of monuments. A correction of history, or the destruction of art? Public memorials to past colonial, imperial or revolutionary figures are under scrutiny by communities dislocated or oppressed through the course of history.

Index of interviews:
2.05: Jane Cavanough, a public spaces sculptor (ARTLANDISH), has received two NSW Landscape Architecture Awards for her artistry work, and previously won the Register of Military Monuments of National Significance Award. 

17.30: Travis De Vries is a conceptual artist, performer, writer, composer and genre commentator spanning (and boundary-crossing) creative work, with a background in visual arts and Indigenous culture.

Transcripts of interviews are available for download HERE. The transcriptions are made possible by the support from Pixel Perfect Prolab - The photolab for professionals.  




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